понедельник, 13 мая 2013 г.

Bookshare знакомит с Daisy-книгами

Qualified Members can now choose from Daisy Text, Daisy Audio, Braille, or MP3 to read thousands of eBooks (185,000 and counting.)
Just select a preference that’s right for you and you’re off reading Bookshare books at school, a library, a park, on the bus…you name the place and you can read there!
Daisy Audio and MP3 : These new audio formats allow you to read with technologies, such as an MP3 player and assistive technology devices that support DAISY Audio, such as the NLS player. So you can read Bookshare books on common devices you already own. Like Bookshare’s other free reading tools, these new formats come with higher quality, Ivona TTS voice for a natural reading experience. So how do you select the format you prefer?


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